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Tenor AS
The Quintum Tenor AS series gives VoIP providers and small offices with analog voice infrastructures an easy, cost-effective way to capitalize on the power of Voice over IP (VoIP). Includes (2) or (4) analog Voice/Fax ports. FXO and/or FXS. Built in mini Gatekeeper. AC Powered.
Tenor AX

The new Quintum Tenor AX series gives  service providers and Enterprise expanded capabilities over the standard analog series. Supports 8, 16 or 24 ports. Built in mini Gatekeeper. SIP agent. AC Powered.

Try the new AX GUI software programs.

Tenor DX
Tenor DX

The new Quintum Tenor DX series gives  service providers and Enterprise expanded capabilities over the standard digital series. Includes T1/E1 and PRI ports. Supports 2, 4, 6 or 8 ports.  Up to 120 simultaneous calls (upgradeable). Built in mini Gatekeeper. SIP agent. AC Powered.

Try the new DX GUI software programs.

Tenor CMS High Density Voice over IP Gateway
Tenor CMS
The Quintum Tenor Carrier MultiPath Switch gives CLECs, ISPs, and other telecommunications entrepreneurs an easy, cost-effective way to deliver low-cost, high-quality voice services over IP networks. Supports up to 32 ports of T1/E1 or PRI. Chassis's can be cascaded for up to 128 ports. Supports hot swapping, IVR /RADIUS and 3rd party software for pre/post paid calling services. AC or DC powered.
Tenor Call Relay
Tenor Call Relay
Quintum's Tenor Call Relay allows multiple gateways to share a single endpoint or IP address, even behind a firewall/NAT. Provides segmentation for service provider security so one side can't see the other. Allows additonal bandwidth savings for Tenors and non Quintum gateways via Packetsaver. Up to 720 simultaneous calls. AC Powered.
Tenor Call Routing Server
Tenor Call Routing Server
Quintum's Tenor Call Routing Server provides CLEC's, ILEC's, ISP's, and next generation service providers with scalable centralized network routing, policy enforcement, and administration. Routing server will compile network routing statistics and generate network reports. AC Powered.
Tenor Voice over IP Gatekeeper
Tenor Gatekeeper

Quintum's Tenor GateKeeper gives enterprises and service providers a large capacity standalone H.323 compliant gatekeeper for VoIP networks. The Tenor GateKeeper provides the call routing and administration for all the H.323 VoIP endpoints in your network, including gateways, IP phones and PC clients. Up to 800 simultaneous calls. AC Powered.

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