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Insight IVR: Features

The following is just a small list of features that Insight IVR has to offer:

Web Based Reporting

Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly or Yearly Graphs on Calls with one click
Extremely User Friendly Interface
Generate Summary Reports / Invoices to send to Customers
View Detailed Summaries & Invoices for Each DID
Set the Date/Time Format you wish to display based on the country.

Unlimited Number of Call Flows

Insight IVR allows you to create an unlimited number of call flows
IVR Scripts can be triggered based on the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialed. So, if you had 50 Access Numbers (DID) into your system, each could trigger a different call flow.
Even if your system has only 24 lines, you can still have thousands of IVR applications

Text to Speech

Text to Speech is an extremely simple feature to use
Simply type any text into a field and Insight IVR will speak the text to the caller.
Eliminates the need to record prompts
Allows for quick, on-the-fly changes to a script
High-quality, Professional Sounding Voice

Speech Recognition

Insight IVR’s Speech Recognition feature makes customer interaction with your system quick, convenient, and simple.
Insight’s Speech Recognition module recognizes words, names, spoken letters, and numbers.
Callers can spell names, order products, enter account numbers and zip codes, all without entering a single touch tone on their phone.

Touch Tone Detection

The most common method through which Insight communicates with a customers is through Touch Tone. Customers can choose from a list of selections, enter account numbers, enter their security code, etc, all through the numeric keypad on their phones.
Insight allows you to specify the number of digits to expect and the maximum amount of time to wait in between digits to make the call flow as seamless as possible.

Database Interaction

Many IVR applications require database interactivity. Insight provides interaction with multiple databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Text Files and many others. It is also ODBC compliant.
Insight IVR can perform all the standard database actions such as Reading, Writing, and Querying.

Voice Messaging

Insight IVR provides voice messaging capabilities whereby callers can access the IVR system, leave messages, retrieve messages, and review messages.
Each message is individually dated and time stamped and kept in the order they were received.
There is no limit to how long a message can be, and as soon as the message is left, it is available for your IVR application to access.

Call Transferring

Insight IVR allows you to transfer callers dynamically to other telephone lines. Callers can be transferred with a blind transfer (unconditionally) or with a supervised transfer (monitor the call status before transferring).
Insight also supports call patching, whereby multiple callers can be connected together into the same conversation.

Voice To Email

Insight IVR can take a voice message and deliver it to any specified email address.
This feature allows subscribers to listen to messages on their computers and then archive the messages appropriately on their own computer.
Since the message is sent via standard email, the email can be opened from any Internet terminal in the world which gives subscribers mobility and flexibility.

Fax To Email

Insight IVR can receive and send faxes. When Insight receives a fax, it can deliver it to any specified email address.
This feature allows subscribers to view their faxes on their computers and then archive the faxes appropriately on their own computer.
Since the fax is sent via standard email, your subscribers can take their virtual fax machine with them anywhere in the world.


IVR can be used to send emails dynamically, with or without attachment files.
For example, if your IVR application is designed to take orders for Auto Parts, the Email feature of Insight can automatically email the order information to the manufacturer so that they can drop ship the item to that customer.

Outdial Capability

Insight IVR allows you to dynamically call out to customers & clients.
Based on the status of the call, whether it be busy, no answer, connect, answering machine, fax machine, or operator intercept, Insight allows you to choose what action to perform.

Read/Write Text File

Insight IVR allows you to read and write to both text and CSV files. This Read feature allows you to dynamically read any information from a text file into your application. This feature is often used for data that is constantly changing.
The Write feature is usually used to keep a call log or an event log of caller activity.

Launch Program

Insight IVR allows you to run another program or call the dispatch function of a DLL file from within IVR. This feature can be used in several practical ways including running Notepad, virus scan, disk defragmenter, disk backup, file compression (ZIP) or any other program.


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