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CardSaver: Wholesale Billing

CardSaver can also be used as a billing and call monitoring solution for VoIP wholesale and termination providers. PEC understands that wholesale businesses can deal with high volumes of traffic and often very low profit margins, and thus has developed a product that can support the necessary requirements of the industry. With CardSaver you can terminate and track VoIP traffic for hundreds of customers at a time.

Since VoIP termination laws and regulations differ from country to country, it is difficult to recommend a definite solution. The best way to develop a successful business infrastructure is to mimic that of another successful business and correct their oversights.

images/blueArrow.gif Setting Up a Solid Infrastructure

images/blueArrow.gif Network Topography

images/blueArrow.gif Making Money in the Business

images/blueArrow.gif Finding Companies to Send Traffic


Wholesale Billing
:: Introduction
:: Solid Infrastructure
:: Topography
:: Making Money
:: Getting Traffic
:: Quick Overview
:: Features
:: A Quick Tour
:: Supported Protocols
:: PowerPoint Slide Show
:: Download Calling Card White Papers (PDF)
:: Download Calling Card Brochure (PDF)
:: Prepaid Calling Cards
:: Wholesale Billing
:: Call Forwarding
:: Call Back
:: Call Shop
:: ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
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