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CardSaver: Features

Call Shop Module
ITSP Module for Prepaid & Postpaid IP Phone Networks
Wholesale Module for termination services
Retail Module for prepaid & postpaid services


Reports & Statistics
Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly Graphs on Calls
Extemely User Friendly
Generate Summary Reports/Invoices to send to Resellers
Generate Accurate Call Summaries to send to Wholesale/Termination Providers
View Reports on Customer Service Credits issued
View Detailed Summaries & Invoices of all User Calls
View Performance of all Prepaid/Postpaid Accounts
View Agent/Reseller Performance
Generate Profit/Loss Statements for Wholesale or Calling Cards
Set the Date/Time Format you wish to display based on the country.


Rate Tables
Create Unlimited Rate Tables
Rate Tables based on Destination Number (DNIS)
Rate Tables support 1 second - 60 minute billing.
Bill different during Day, Evening, and Night Hours
Import Rate Tables directly from CSV or TXT files
Export Rate Tables to CSV or TXT file.

Calling Card & IP Phone Accounts
Create Prepaid, Postpaid, ANI-Postpaid, or ANI-Prepaid Accounts
Generate unlimited random PINs instantly between 8 and 16 digits long.
Assign to different Resellers and Rate Tables
Supports H323 Protocol for IP Phone Usage
Export the Card Information and PINs and send directly printer
Charge Maintenance, Disconnect, and Activation Fees
Expire cards X days after first date of use
Charge Toll-Free and Payphone Surcharges
Apply Surcharges based on the ANI (Caller ID) or Dialed Number (DNIS)
Play Dollar/Minutes remaining in your card
Allow multiple ANI users for each Account (Great for corporate customers)
Allow End-Users to recharge their Accounts online
Play Messages to callers in the middle of the call


Manage System Users
Create 4 Different User Types (Administrator, Agent/Reseller, Customer Service, or Account Holder/End-User
Allow Account Holders to view balances and pay bills online.
Create/Modify System Users & Permissions
Set Maximum Usages for all Wholesale Carriers (End Point Authentication)


System tracks all user activity including IP Address.
ANI (Caller ID) blocking for X number of bad attempts.
Highly encrypted logins for secure access.
Secure your data with CardSaver's Database backup utility


Global Applications
Supports International Date/Time Formats
Supports E1, T1, E&M, and R2MF Protocols
Supports Multiple Languages (Up to 4 per system)
Supports Customized Greetings and Messages to Callers
Supports Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Supports Toll-Free and Remote Area Calls


Product Strength and Reliability
Runs on Robust Operating Systems (Windows XP or UNIX).
Fully scalable: 4 to 1200 ports (simultaneous callers).
Unit can be upgraded in increments of 4-ports.
No performance degradation due to multiple call handling.
Heavily tested on systems with up to 20 million calls per month.


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:: Features
:: A Quick Tour
:: Supported Protocols
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:: Download Calling Card White Papers (PDF)
:: Download Calling Card Brochure (PDF)
:: Prepaid Calling Cards
:: Wholesale Billing
:: Call Forwarding
:: Call Back
:: Call Shop
:: ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
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