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PEC Telecom specializes in providing telecom Systems for TDM & VoIP phone companies, entrepreneurs, corporate offices, and many more. Since 1984, we have been creating innovative, bullet-proof software, and have installed over 25,000 Systems around the world.  We started with enterprise voice mail Systems and expanded to carrier grade Systems soon after. We then added IVR Systems, telemarketing dial out Systems, call center Systems, VoIP, calling card, call shop, and ITSP Systems.

 TDM Systems


In 1984, PEC launched one of the world's first voicemail platforms. Since then, we have enhanced our TDM product line to offer more enterprise and carrier grade Systems than ever before.


 VoIP Systems

Since 2001, PEC has been developing Voice over IP Systems. We offer Systems for carriers, prepaid calling card companies, call shops, Internet Telephony Service providers, such as Vonage and Lingo, and wholesale termination companies.

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 Featured Products


CS Billing Suite

Offer prepaid calling card, ANI prepaid and postpaid, call back, call shop, and ITSP solutions with CS Billing Suite.



Insight IVR

Create and implement your own customized call flow for inbound and outbound calls. Integrate with almost any DB and phone switch.



VoiceSaver Voicemail

VoiceSaver is the perfect fit for TDM and VoIP carriers or offices looking for a voicemail solution to integrate with their PBX switch.


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